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Sprinklers and Irrigation

Sprinklers and Irrigation

When it comes to the installation of functional sprinklers and irrigation for commercial and residential properties in Mililani and neighboring areas, we are your best choice. We possess a deep working knowledge of these must-haves for any landscape type and we can assure you of a lush outdoors that only Takenaka Landscaping can provide.

If you're excited by the idea of an outdoor space that can make you feel absolutely close to nature, then call us. We have friendly personnel waiting to take your call and discuss with you your specific landscaping concerns, particularly the design and installation of sprinklers and irrigation.

The Need for Irrigation Systems

One of the requirements to achieve a healthy landscape is to install an appropriate irrigation system. It ensures that fruit-bearing trees, plants, and other greenery get the nourishment required to make them healthy and lush. It also promotes continued growth of crops, flowers, and plants, hence making your landscape more attractive and inviting.

Sprinklers and Irrigation

An automatic plant water supply system, meanwhile, will not only be convenient for you but could also help lower your water bills considerably. You can program your irrigation system to activate and deactivate at certain time of the day. In this regard, you're also helping save precious water resource aside from enjoying practical benefits.

Great-quality Sprinklers

Meanwhile, we could also install appropriate sprinklers that will render your desired benefits. Among the sprinkler types that we can install are:

  • Pop-up. This is easily the most common type of sprinkler system used in residential and commercial landscapes. This type is ideal for areas that require watering from 3 feet to 15 feet, with a 15-30 psi operating pressure. It can irrigate shrub borders, gardens, groundcovers, and turf.

  • Rotor. This type is recommended for large lawns since it can spray water up to 50 feet, hence requiring only a few sprinkler heads. It is ideal for outdoor areas with clay soil and can be fitted with different spray heads to achieve specific spray patterns.

    Sprinklers and Irrigation
  • Spray. For small lawns with a flat surface, a spray sprinkler system is what we recommend to clients. Spray sprinklers are ideal for applications where the distribution of water should be in a precise manner.

  • Automated sprinkler system. If you wish to ensure that your lawn will be properly watered without you operating it all the time, then go for an automated system. You can expect your water bills to be cut by more than half, while your plants being healthier.

Affordable and Functional Sprinklers and Irrigation

If you’re looking for a reliable sprinkler and irrigation installer in the Mililani area, call Takenaka Landscaping. Our company has access to premium materials and uses modern techniques to ensure efficient installation. With our trained personnel, we can pinpoint your exact irrigation requirements or determine the best sprinklers to use. This way, you're guaranteed that the system we will install will work perfectly when you need it.

Call us today so we can better discuss your lawn's sprinklers and irrigation needs.

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